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Fishing schools aims

The passion for fishing has long passed from generation to generation. Unfortunately, the chain is broken and young people no longer took over to perpetuate this ancestral activity.

Fishing schools are an alternative to the transmission of knowledge from experienced anglers and offer learning and training structure for the practice of fishing. Fishing is practiced as a leisure activity but also as a sport in itself. The schools also organize discoveries of aquatic activities, flora and fauna in order to raise public awareness of the protection and rehabilitation of these environments.

Proposed activities

Fishing schools initiate the young and the less young at this wonderful practice which is fishing. During these courses, many topics are covered: water, river, aquatic environments, their fauna and flora, the different fishing techniques and all you need to know to become an environment-friendly fisherman.


activités écoles de pêche


The fishing schools have the necessary equipment to equip twenty people. For information, the schools have the basic equipment for :
• The coarse fishing: rods without reels, landing nets, bait buckets, floats, sinkers, hooks ...
• Fishing for English: rods with reels, landing nets, floats, sinkers, hooks ...
• The fly fishing: fly rods, reels, silks, various flies and editing tools ...
• The discovery of aquatic fauna: sieve, tweezers, magnifying glasses, binoculars.
• Analysis of the water quality.
Target audience

Schools, youth movements, clubs, federations but also individuals can ask fishing schools to participate in a training course.
Find a fishing school

There are fifteen fishing schools approved in Wallonia. A map showing the location of these and the contact details of the site is available in fishing schools.

Find the nearest fishing school from home...

Follow a fishing trainer training

Fishing trainer training replaced the monitor training and responsibly monitor after publication of the decree of approval in 2007. This training therefore includes the objectives of these two formations : allow the monitor to be able to give an initiation that acquires sufficient knowledge to practice fishing in a simple situation, develop an internship program, promoting training, manage subscriptions...


suivre une formation


Nowadays, three training sessions were organized by the Walloon house of fishing for the Fish Fund Wallonia:
• 2008 - Louvain-la-Neuve (ADEPS Centre)
• 2010-2011 - Habay-la-Neuve (House of fishing Luxembourg) & Marcinelle (Recreation center)
• 2012 - Liège (Boverie Park) in collaboration with the city of Liege

Changes are underway about the accreditation of schools and fishing trainers and trainings are temporarily suspended in order to be adapted to the new regulations.

The accreditation : a recognition and a guarantee of quality

After following with fruit the whole training, fishing trainers can get the accreditation. Besides recognizing the work of the trainer, the approval is also a guarantee of quality for training by licensed fishing trainers.

The conditions for approval
The fishing trainer can get approval if it meets the following conditions:
• have successfully completed a training organized by the Central Committee of Fish Fund, the content and knowledge assessment methods to acquire have been defined by him;
• be aged eighteen to at least the date of submission of the application for approval;
• be in possession of a fishing license from the Walloon Region valid for the calendar year;
• not have been convicted by a court decision judicata casting judged for crimes committed in the Act of July 1, 1954 on river fishing, the law of 12 July 1973 on the conservation of nature and the law of February 28, 1882 on hunting, and in the five years preceding the introduction of the application for approval;
• not have been convicted in the past by a court decision judicata casting tried for sex crimes.


follow a trainer training

The approaches
Accredited trainers took a responsible leadership training or fishing trainer training and have applied for approval to the Walloon Region. Accreditation is granted for a period of ten years (renewable) but may be suspended at any time when the legal requirements are not met.


aide intergénérationnelle


To be approved, simply submit an application to the Walloon Public Service by filling out the application form of fishing trainer approval and attaching the following documents:

•    A certificate of good conduct, moral character dated less than three months at the time of the application for approval.
•    N.B. As part of fishing activities trainer, you will have to train children, it is therefore appropriate to provide a certificate of good conduct, moral character provided for the supervision of minors.
•    The certificate for passing the theoretical and practical exams of the training program organized by the Fish Fund Wallonia (Certificate of responsible fishing Monitor or trainer).
•    A copy of the identity card.
•    Two recent photographs, passport size.
•    The copy of the insurance policy covering the liability of the applicant in the context of group sessions is no longer necessary. Indeed, the fish Fund Wallonia has contracted a group insurance policy for events that take place within the framework of approved fishing schools.

All of these documents must be returned to the avenue Prince de Liège, 15-5100 Jambes to the attention of Fish Fund Wallonia - Trainer Accreditation.
More information on fishing schools?
Visit the site

More information on fishing schools?

Visit the site



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