Cross-border collaboration


This April 2nd 2005, a cross-border collaboration agreement between the Fédération du Nord pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique and the Walloon halieutic federations was set in motion.


Grensoverschrijdende samenwerking


The hydrographical basins, the watercourses and the fauna of the aquatic environments do not care much about borders set by Man, which sometimes poses management problems. Soon, the management of the aquatic environments will not know these frontiers. The Water Framework Directive foresees basin management, and it was in this optic that the Fédération de Pêche du Nord and the Walloon halieutic federations gathered. The common actions will see daylight in several sectors such as species protection.


During this informative day, the representatives of the Walloon structures in fishing matters were able to discover the functioning of the French structures in what regards fishing licences granting, statutes, struggle against pollution and poaching, and fishing management.


During the course of the year, the representatives of the Fédération de Pêche du Nord will visit the Walloon region to learn about our structures.


Grensoverschrijdende samenwerking


The cross-border cooperation agreement was set between the Fédération Départementale des Associations Agréées pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique and the Fédérations Halieutiques Territoriales de Wallonie:


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