Recuperation of aquatic environments

Evaluation of the physical quality of watercourses resorting to QUALPHY: the Bocq case study

the physical quality of watercourses resorting to QUALPHY : the Bocq case study


Perturbations of anthropoid origin often modify in an irreversible way the physical shape of the watercourses, leading to nefarious repercussions on the associated ecosystems and the fauna they shelter. Instruments such as QUALPHY were developed to evaluate the physical quality of watercourses, a knowledge indispensable for planning improvement actions for aquatic environment and the management of the associated natural resources. This study concerned the Bocq section that stretches from the confluence with the Petit Bocq until it meets the Meuse.


Arrangements to favour the brown trout on the "Le Doyen" brook


Arrangements to favour the brown trout on the


The "Le Doyen" brook or "Le Doyin" is an affluent of the Lesse whose confluence is downstream from the Lessive. The Lesse and the Lomme are the two main rivers that drain the region. The growing urbanization currently taking course in the region has not spared the Val de Lesse. The development of this region has not been without consequence for the water quality and aquatic environments. In this context, the Comité Royal de l'Amicale des Pêcheurs de la Lomme et de la Lesse asbl undertook several actions to preserve the local trout populations.

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