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The fishing poaching

The Plan Police Fishing developed by the Fisheries Department is intended to stem the resurgence of fishing poaching in some places, especially at night and to ensure a coordinated greater presence on the ground of the Fishing Department, the Cantonnements, of UAB or even of Police areas to ensure greater effectiveness of controls and try to curb the phenomenon of fish poaching.

The Fishing Police Plan has gradually concentrated on more or less ten "sensitive" areas and their own problems. The greatest attention has meanwhile been given to the area of the Basse Meuse Liège facing significant seasonal presence of German fishermen or from the countries of the East and whose fishing activity is sometimes associated with certain nuisances: drunk, disturbing the peace, littering...

interdiction pêche

Intensified checks

At the end of the 2010-2015 Fishing Police Plan, 276 programmed control operations, including 146 operations by day and 130 operations by night have been performed. Note the marked increase in the number of transactions in 2015. This is mainly explained by the arrival of new DNF recruits, but also integration in the plan of some significant operations carried out by a single officer by day.

nombre opérations de contrôles
Alongside these planned operations, the territorial services of the DNF also continue to plan spot checks during normal working ranges with the support - or not – of the Fishing Department.

Statement of the operations

During these operations, about 6700 fishermen were monitored, a figure up sharply in 2015 when he was already steadily increasing since 2010. These controls affect 4,7% of the number of fishing license holders in Wallonia in 2015 .
The rate of fishing offending people for Wallonia has declined considerably in recent years :  from 33.7% in 2010 to 10.8% in 2015, a decrease of 68% in total. The frequency of violations is much higher during checks at night compared to day controls, although the gap tends to narrow. In addition, the percentage of offenses has declined significantly since 2010, both day and night, in approximately the same proportions.

Nombre de pêcheurs

pêcheurs braconniers

Offense types encountered in 2015 are as follows: 26% of infringements concern the nocturnal carp fishing. This is a marked decrease compared to 2014 (52%) and 2010 (60%). Furthermore, 30% of offenses detected in 2015 relate to fishing without a regular license or with the wrong type of license (A license instead of B license), a value slightly higher than in 2014 (21%) and 2010 (25 %). Overall, unlicensed fishermen represent 3.5% of the fishermen checked in 2015 (95/2771). About 13% of breaches in 2015 involved the fishing with more than two hand lines, a rather stable value over time (13% in 2014 and 8% in 2010). On the other hand, a growing percentage of offenses relates fishing in prohibited area: 12% in 2015 against 5% in 2014 and just 1% in 2010.

nombre d'opérations programmées

Conclusions & outlooks

At present, the efficiency of the Fishing Police Plan on the phenomenon of poaching are not in doubt by the simple comparison of data from 2010 to 2015 and it is likely that the phenomenon will be significantly reduced in the coming two to three years if the Administration continue its screening operations as now or better yet intensify in the future.

Finally, the tripling of the amount of immediate perceptions and administrative fines related to most fishing offenses - a measure applicable from 1 January 2016 by the decree of 27 March 2014 on river fishing, the fish management and fishery structures - is an additional deterrent argument on infringements "fishing" in Wallonia.

A few reminders regarding night fishing for carp

Pêche nocturne carpe

All information relating to the nocturnal carp fishing: fishing license, sites where night fishing is permitted, the technical and authorized equipment ... All this information is detailed on the website of the association.

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