Where to fish ? 

Fishing in the hydraulic ways

Fishing in other watercourses

Particular settings

Where to fish the carp at night? 

What are the prohibited fishing zones?


Fishing in the hydraulic ways


Voies hydrauliques carte


The Walloon fishing license (A or B) is enough to fish in the hydraulic ways (orange on the map).

See the list of the watercourses here below:


Autres cours d'eau

Fishing in the other watercourses

Al the watercourses that aren’t in the list here above are included in this category.

To fish in, these documents are required :

- The regional fishing license

- The member cart of the association in charge of the fishing right or the riparian owner’s authorization (if there are no association)


Cours d'eau navigables


Particular settings

Clic on the map to know the particular settings for the different watercourses !


Nocturnal carp fishing

The decree of the Walloon government (pdf version) includes the places where nocturnal carp fishing is allowed (if respect of specific settings mentioned in these decree).


pêche carpe nocturne


Prohibited zones to fish : 

Fishing is always prohibited :

where to fish

The prohibited zones are indicated by those pictographs : 

Icône 1 This pictograh is used alone for a punctual interdiction. When the interdiction continues for some distance, it’s completed with the arrow you see here below. Those pictographs can only be present on the right side if the watercourse is narrow and if the space around allows it.   

Icône 2 This arrow is used when the interdiction continues for some long distance. When the planning of the area needs it, the pictograph 1 is completed by two arrows in opposite direction as reminder. The arrow can be completed with a mention of the distance of the effective prohibition.    

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→ Download the brochure « Fishing is simple » (pdf file - 600 Ko)

→ Download the memory aid edited by the Walloon Public Service (pdf file - 1,3 Mo)

→ Consult the officious coordination (pdf file - 100 Ko) 


→ Surf on http://wallex.wallonie.be to obtain the complete legislation about fishing in Wallonia 

(Thematic access – Nature and Woods – Fishing)


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