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Where nightfishing for carp ?

When nightfishing for carp ?

Which fishing license to buy ?

Which equipment and bait are authorized ?

Mandatory release in the water

The bivouac

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The legislation has been modified since March 2021. Please consult the French version of the site, for the latest updates before full translation of the site to be sure to have the correct information

Where nightfishing ?

The nocturnal fishing for carp is authorized along the water in the principal part of the courses listed below (junction channels, docks, basins garage included)
This practise is forbidden in the river annexes such as withdrawal nodes (?), backwaters, cuts.

Pêche nocturne carpe

Waters open to carp nightfishing :

1.    The lakes of the “Eau d’Heure” (lakes of Falemprise, of the “Eau d’Heure”, of the “Ry Jaune”, of the “Plate Taille” and of Féronval.
2.    The lake of Vierre in Suxy (Chiny)
3.    The lake of Neufchâteau
4.    The lake of Warfaaz in Spa
5.    The pond of Bologne in Habay-la-Neuve
The managers of the lakes and ponds may prohibit or restrict the carp nightfishing if they consider that it’s appropriate for one or another raison. So please inform you before going nightfishing about the waters above listed.

Courses and channels where the carp nightfishing is authorized :

1.    Meuse (prohibited in withdrawal nodes)
2.    Sambre (prohibited in the withdrawal nodes and in the blackwaters)
3.    Escaut (prohibited in the cuts)
4.    Channelized Dendre
5.    Albert channel
6.    Monsin channel
7.    Center channel complete (Center channel large gauge & historical Center channel), including the main mouth and the different branches.

When practising the carp nightfishing ?

Fishing the carp along the water is still allowed since a half hour after the official hour of the sundown till a half hour before the official hour of the sunrise.
In case of publicly announced contest, the carp fisher must stop all fishing activities at least two hours before the beginning of the contest and to disassemble everything that can hinder the smooth running of the competition in the contest limits and within 50 meters of it.

Fishing license

The C type Walloon fishing license is required to practice the carp nightfishing.

The C type is sold at the price of 120 € on the website

Allowed equipment

The fishing rod

Fishing need mandatory a fishing rod. The number of handlines by fisher is limited at two lines maximum.


The baits

The nightfisher can only use vegetable baits (corn of maïs, arachids…) or recomposed wheats as boilies or different pastes rich in proteins.

Putting the lines in the water

The rule doesn’t prohibit using boats, small or not to put the lines and the baits far from the cost. (Be carefull some restrictions can be taken by the managers about the use of these embarcations).

barque nuit

The reception carpet

However not mandatory the reception carpet is, its using is warmly recommended for the users of carp nightfishing.


Every fishes are released back in the water !

Only carp fishing is allowed at night. Every fishes captured must immediately and smoothly be released in the water.
The captured fishes cannot be kept in a hamper. The using of every hamper is strictly forbidden (even empty).
One only exception, in the context of a publicly announced contest, the fishes can be kept the necessary time for the controls.

The bivouac

Any legal disposition doesn’t prohibit the fisher to install a bivouac, exept :
•    If this is located in a public wood
•    Police rules are being adopted in this way by towns or managers of ponds or lakes listed here above

In any case, the fisher can be accompanied only by one person that doesn’t possess a fishing license or that have a dispense for it.

In the channels and courses here listed, the fisher can’t fish more than two consecutive nights on one territory of a same town.

However the installation of a bivouac is possible, it remains prohibited to make fire.


Download the brochure

Adreses and usefull informations

Maison wallonne de la pêche asbl
Rue Lucien Namêche, 10
B-5000 Namur
T. +32 (0)81 411 570
F +32 (0)81 411 590
Département de la Nature et des Forêts
Direction de la Chasse et de la pêche
Michel Villers, Directeur
Avenue Prince de Liège, 15
B-5100 Jambes
T +32 (0)81 33 58 50
Service de la pêche
Xavier Rollin, Attaché
Avenue Prince de Liège, 15
B-5100 Jambes
T +32 (0)81 33 59 00
Téléphone vert
Numéro gratuit : 08001 1901
S.O.S Environnement – Nature
T 070 23 30 01 (Intervention contre le braconnage)

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Download the brochure "Pêche de la carpe de nuit" (pdf file - 1,7 Mo)
Download the brochure “Fishing is simple” (pdf file – 600 Ko)
Download the memo edited by the Public Walloon Service (pdf file – 1,3 Mo)
Consult the unofficial coordination (pdf file – 100 Ko)


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