Cleaning of rivers

When you stroll along the waterline to fish or for a walk with your family, which view do you prefer to discover at the turn of the way?


This ?




Or that ?!!




The cleaning of water courses is an action that concerns us all. In each cleaning action, the volunteers retrieve considerable amounts of debris. To keep our watercourses and the fishing spots pleasant and in good condition, several fishing federations and associations organize watercourse cleaning actions every year, sometimes coordinated with the River Contracts ( These cleaning actions are made possible by the courage of the volunteers who tread our watercourses to remove bottles, tires, plastic bags and other debris. Considering the breadth of the labour these cleaning actions imply we need the participation of all!



Call for volunteers


If like us you are concerned, consult the agenda below with the dates and places for the cleaning actions and join us. These actions will enable fishing and promenading in a much more pleasant environment and also to preserve the very sensitive fauna and flora of these places.



Call to the fishermen associations

Are you affiliated or responsible for a federation or fishing society? Contact us at to tell us about your riverside cleaning action. We will spread the word for you and promote your initiative!

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